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AiSync API

Building blocks for autonomous, cloud-connected additive manufacturing

Connect, control, monitor. Anytime, anywhere.


AiSync connects with CAD platforms, IIoT protocols and productivity tools for a fully integrated additive manufacturing experience. Easy to use API and SDK packages of AiSync enable out of the box integration with a growing number of products and services.


Highly optimized toolpaths are generated automatically with powerful computers on the cloud using advanced analysis, simulation and multi-axis path planning tools. Upload your design and stream instructions to your 3D printers over the cloud without the hassle.


Receive sensor logs, camera feeds and notifications from your printers in real-time. Detect common 3D printing problems and hardware failures automatically by setting up smart alarms with built in computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

Maximise Your Productivity

Additive Manufacturing is hard. It takes a lot of experience, engineering skills, trial and error to get it right. Let us provide you with the most advanced algorithms, IIoT devices and a cloud infrastructure to automate your workflows, so you can get the maximum value out of your 3D printers.

Built For Scalability

Easily manage, control and monitor all your production in one platform. You can connect multiple users and machines into your organization’s AiSync account. A live library of all designs, projects and manufacturing data is shared across your organisation for easy collaboration.

No Setup Required

Access your AiSync account directly through your browser without the need for any installation. Our infrastructure is built with powerful servers on the backend and a lightweight user interface on the frontend. You can get access to high performance computing resources from any device, either on-site or remotely.

Automate Your Additive Manufacturing Today!

90% savings in labour costs

70% reduction in failed prints

It only takes a few minutes to integrate AiSync API in your production workflow, whether you prefer to use our user friendly web interface or develop your custom applications.

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